Parent Education & Counseling Services

Counseling Solutions has a long-standing contractual relationship with Butte County Children’s Services Division (CSD) to provide Parent Education and Counseling Services in a variety of groups and individual sessions, for parents who have had their children detained and placed into Foster Care. Please speak with a CSD Social Worker about being referred to the program.

Parent Engagement Counseling (PEC)

8-week counseling groups with targeted curriculum designed to help clients process their emotions/thoughts and ultimately become willing to accept responsibility for their role related to the detention of their child(ren) and successfully move forward.

  • Manage emotions; i.e. grief, loss, anger, etc.
  • Learning & ultimately navigating the CSD system
  • Accepting responsibility
  • Identifying values and their impact
  • Developing goals for the future

Nurturing Parenting (NP)

16-week parenting classes utilizing the Nurturing Parenting® Curriculum. Classes cover creating physical & emotional safety, positive discipline, appropriate expectations, and healthy family topics tailored to the needs of the participants.

  • Anger Management
  • Drug, Alcohol & Family Violence
  • Positive Ways to Deal with Stress
  • Ages & Stages of Child Development
  • Communicating with Respect

Intensive Group Counseling (IGC)

4-week counseling groups designed to help clients to understand themselves on a deeper level, learn healthy communication, and form better relationships.

  • Myers-Brigg Personality Type Indicator
  • Ego States
  • Resolving Conflicts thru effective communication
  • Break the cycle of Persecutor, Rescuer, & Victim
  • Establishing Boundaries

Treatment Focused Counseling (TFC)

Individual, couples, or family sessions with a counselor to address ongoing concerns related to reunification with their child(ren).

  • Thorough Individual Assessment
  • Mutually designed Treatment Plan
  • Strategies & Interventions to reach goals
  • Crisis Management
  • Trouble shooting problem areas
  • Support, Coaching, & Guidance

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