Collaborative Divorce

In the Collaborative Divorce process, couples who have decided to end their marriage work with a team of specially trained professionals to avoid the, at times, arbitrary and uncertain outcomes of litigation in order to reach a divorce settlement which meets the specific needs of both parties as well as their child(ren).

Each party is represented by their own attorney who provides legal assistance, advocacy, and education regarding the divorce process. Each party works with their own mental health coach to help manage emotional and communication issues and keep the process on track. Finalize divorce equitability without endless court appearances and continuances or the need to defend yourself in court.


  • Discuss the pressing issues.
  • Exchange and clarify information.
  • Brainstorm best potential options.
  • Find mutually agreeable outcomes.

Counseling Solutions has two licensed therapists who are members of the Collaborative Divorce team of Butte County and the Sacramento Collaborative Practice Group. Courtney Calkins and Trishanne Lininger have been trained, certified and have worked as Collaborative Divorce Coaches and Child Specialists since 2009.

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