Co-Parenting & Non-Recommending Mediation

Mediation is aimed at creating and/or modifying a parenting plan (custody) for parents who are no longer living together. Mediation serves a specific function and may be reinstated at a future date if additional assistance is required to help with post-divorce communication and co-parenting struggles.

Non-recommending mediation does not constitute mental health treatment, counseling, or the practice of psychotherapy or marriage and family therapy.

Common Issues Addressed

  • Recognizing and modifying destructive communication patterns;
  • Developing new ways of relating to the other parent that promotes healthy ongoing communication for the future benefit of your child(ren);
  • Assisting you to understand the needs of your child(ren) at various ages and assisting in creation of an optimal parenting plan;
  • Understanding how the reciprocal impact that biological parents have upon each other and how children get caught up in the parental struggles;
  • Providing general information about optional child transitions.

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