About Us

Helping People Heal and Grow Since 2002

Counseling Solutions helps children, adults, and families work through issues that can be barriers to healthy relationships.

Mission Statement

Counseling Solutions provides individuals and families with the ability to understand and to be understood. Whether you seek therapy to heal from a traumatic experience or to support you during a life transition, caring, qualified therapists help you draw from your own strengths and experience in order to grow as an individual and as a family.

Meet Our Team

Counseling Solutions works hard to train and maintain only the most excellent employees.

Counseling Solutions is supervised by a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor who provides counseling, as well as direct supervision to associates and trainees who are working toward earning their license. When people hear the word “associate” or “trainee” they often think of a young and inexperienced person. At Counseling Solutions our associates have all received their Bachelor of Arts or Science and have also completed their Masters in Psychology or a related field. Subsequently, our associates hold a license with the California Board of Behavioral Sciences, which qualifies them to provide counseling under the direct supervision of a qualified licensed clinician.  Counseling Solutions trainees are approaching the end of their graduate program and are completing hours towards their school requirements to graduate and become associates.

Trishanne Lininger, MA, LMFT, LPCC
Trishanne Lininger, MA, LMFT, LPCCExecutive Director
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist #43691
Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor #185
Melanie Whelchel, LCSW
Melanie Whelchel, LCSWLicensed Clinician
Licensed Clinical Social Worker #114947
Jeanine Neher, MA, APCC
Jeanine Neher, MA, APCCClinical Associate
Registered Associate Professional Clinical Counselor #12706
Supervised by Trishanne Lininger, MA, LMFT, LPCC
Julie Heisler, BA
Julie Heisler, BAClinical Trainee
Supervised by Trishanne Lininger, MA, LMFT, LPCC
Kimberly Price, MS, LMFT
Kimberly Price, MS, LMFTClinical Supervisor
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist #122271
Zaira Nunez, BA
Zaira Nunez, BAMental Health Counselor
Supervised by Trishanne Lininger, MA, LMFT, LPCC

Job Opportunities

Join Our Team!

Counseling Solutions posts all open jobs on Indeed.com.  See any open positions by clicking HERE.  We can’t wait to hear about why you would make a great fit!


Counseling Solutions is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of community members elected to represent our stakeholders. The Board of Directors is vital to the success of our agency by:

• Ensuring Counseling Solutions’ financial success
• Ensuring that policy decisions are made in accordance with our Mission and Vision Statements
• Guiding and monitoring the goals of the agency
• Providing a check and balance system for our Administration
…and much, much more.

We are incredibly grateful for each of our Board Members as they volunteer their time in order to ensure the safety and care of the clients we serve.

Board of Directors

Board President
Tom Ortner, MHA

Jeff Payne, MBA

Eileen Daly, BA
Todd Harris, PhD, LMFT