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Finding the right counselor can be a difficult process, leaving you feeling frustrated in your time of need. At Counseling Solutions, we have an experienced and diverse team that can offer assistance at the right time in your life when you are experiencing feelings of; anxiety, depression, grief, and during life transitions including; loss, relationship and parenting problems. Our team of counselors will guide you during these pivotal moments and help to live a more fulfilled life.

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Do you have a desire to heal & grow from past trauma, current pain, or relationship problems?

*Adults, teens, children, couples, and families

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Anger Management

Learn to control anger or frustration & manage emotions. Individual & group sessions.

*Fulfills requirement for court ordered Anger Management

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Co-Parenting / Mediation

Assisting parents by developing strategies and improving communication.

*Individuals, couples, families, and blended families

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Collaborative Divorce

Do you want to divorce without going to court? Have your own attorney provide legal solutions and a therapist manage emotions.

*Individuals and couples

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Parent Education & Counseling Services

Parents engaged with child protective services learn to create a safe family environment to support reunification.

*Groups & individuals

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